Tectonics and Earth ResourcesAnother way to look at strain

Here is another way to look at strain from PIV analysis of analogue models. After computing all the spatial derivatives of the velocity or incremental displacements field, the 2D small strain tensor can be assembled. Below I calculated the principal […]

Online CounsellingManaging Procrastination Workshop

Did procrastination get the better of you last semester? You are not alone!  Register below to learn some strategies and tips to get on top of Procrastination. Do it now – don’t let your brain convince you to do it […]

Online CounsellingWhat is counselling about?

Curious about counselling but not quite sure what it involves or how it can help you? Navigator author, Jack Moran, shares his experiences with Counselling and applying for adverse circumstances on Navigator: “That time I went to counselling: Demystifying Adverse Circumstances” […]

Blue GreenPostdoctoral Research Associate – Position Available

Postdoctoral Research Associate Location: Neilan Laboratory of Microbial and Molecular Diversity School of Environmental and Life Sciences University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia Available for immediate start Academic Level: A Contract type: Full time. Fixed term, 1 year with opportunity […]

Tectonics and Earth ResourcesExhumation of (U)HP/LT rocks

Crustal rocks metamorphosed at ultra-high pressure (UHP) record burial to 100–150 km depths and subsequent return to the surface. Although it is well accepted that UHP rocks are formed by deep subduction of continental passive margin rocks, the mechanisms by which […]

Environmental Science and ManagementWhale Tales 2018

Whale Watching, Games, Sausage Sizzle AND MORE Learn more about whales from whale expert Jeannie Lawson! Join us to hear stories around these majestic creatures as well as to help spot the humpbacks as they venture north to warmer waters. […]

Blue GreenCyanobacterial Community Composition and Bacteria

Cyanobacterial Community Composition and Bacteria–Bacteria Interactions Promote the Stable Occurrence of Particle-Associated Bacteria Jason N. Woodhouse1,2, Jennifer Ziegler2, Hans-Peter Grossart2 and Brett A. Neilan3* 1Department of Experimental Limnology, Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, Berlin, Germany 2School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University […]

Earth ScienceVolunteers wanted for research interviews!

WHERE AM I? SHARING STORIES OF BEING LOST AND FOUND.   Everyone has a story about a time when they’ve gotten lost. In fact, probably many stories. Getting lost, and finding your way again, seems to be an important part […]

Earth ScienceVacation program opportunity for undergraduates!

Hi everyone, A great opportunity has popped up! BMT is currently advertising for 3rd and 4th Year Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Ecology and Environmental Management Students to apply to their new 12 week summer vacation program. There’s more […]

Earth ScienceENVS3007: Environmental Remediation field trip

Environmental students were invited to a derelict mine site in Neath to learn about the history of the site and its impacts on the present day environment. The detrimental impacts of acid leaching from the abandoned mine site were obvious […]

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