Earth ScienceENVS3007: Environmental Remediation field trip

Environmental students were invited to a derelict mine site in Neath to learn about the history of the site and its impacts on the present day environment. The detrimental impacts of acid leaching from the abandoned mine site were obvious […]

Earth ScienceGEOS2060 Soil Properties and Processes: Semester 2, 2018

Studying science? Do you enjoy field and laboratory work? Are you interested in learning more about soil; resources, physical processes, chemical processes and biology? If yes, then consider enrolling in GEOS2060 (Callaghan, Semester 2 2018). This course has had exceptional […]

Online CounsellingUniversity Mental Health Day

Today, Tuesday May 1st, is University Mental Health Day across Australia and New Zealand. University Mental Health Day aims to raise awareness of the mental health and well-being needs of those who study and work in higher education settings. A […]

Tectonics and Earth ResourcesCombined excursions GEOS3170-GEOS3330

This year GEOS3170 – Resource and Exploration Geology provided an excursion to Cobar NSW to explore how the mineralizations are structurally controlled in the Cobar basin. The excursion included mapping of the folded and faulted host rock as well as […]

Principia PedagogicaParadigms, Pragmatics and Politics

The past year has clarified many on-going issues in the field of educational research for me. Ever since entering the field, I have studied how different forms of research methods and theories are deployed by colleagues to make whatever case […]

Earth ScienceAusIMM Student Meet Industry Night 23/03/18

The Annual AusIMM Students meet industry night will be held at the Newcastle Museum, March 23 @ 6pm. This is a great opportunity for you to meet and network with fellow students and industry professionals including potential future employers! The […]

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