Tectonics and Earth ResourcesUpdates on TecPIV

TecPIV is my MATLAB GUI package for calibration, correction of images of analogue models, correlation of images to get incremental and cumulative displacements and spatial derivatives. The code is explained in the paper: Boutelier D. TecPIV – A MATLAB-based application […]

Tectonics and Earth ResourcesExploring the diffusion equation

While preparing a lab on heat diffusion, I thought it would be interesting to compute the diffusion of topographic relief using the same forward Euler finite difference in 2D (explicit method with central difference in space and forward in time, […]

Online CounsellingSleep On It

It seems like every week there is a different awareness campaign attempting to help us live a healthier and happier life. Paying attention to all these different campaigns can be exhausting, and so it’s timely that from the 3rd July […]

Online CounsellingDry July 2017

WOW – half way through 2017! Mid-point in the year is often a good time to press the reset button, a bit like New Year. It can be a good time to reflect on the behaviours we’re using to cope […]

Online CounsellingSkype Drop In

It is that time of the semester again. Exams are over, placements are wrapping up, and hopefully everyone is taking some much needed time to rest and rejuvenate. During these times we find that less of you are wanting to […]

Online CounsellingOf Substance

Guest post by Lachlan Tiffen Psychologist/UON D&A Counsellor So we’re at the end of semester and depending on what your plans are will likely mean a bit of celebrating. This might be here with friends you’ve made, while travelling during the […]

Online CounsellingJust keep swimming

Sometimes at this point of semester it can seem like time is very fluid. One minute you’re staring at the page thinking I have been trying to read this forever! The next you are heading into an exam and wondering […]

Online CounsellingTaking Care of Yourself

It is that time of year when taking care of yourself seems just that little bit harder. What with exams and study and assessments and placements and now it is winter! Seasonal Affective Disorder is a term some of you […]

STATS + XThe Swiss Army Knife of Disciplines

Statistics is everywhere, designing clinical trials, identifying key factors influencing educational success, industrial and business systems analysis and improvement, … as a statistician you get to play in everyone’s backyard. Professionals from QANTAS, NASA, NSWHealth, Hunter Valley Coal Chain, and across […]

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