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Janet FultonWhy should I pay for news?

A few things have happened in the last week that made me think deeply about the issue of paying for news. Firstly, last Saturday, journalist Peter FitzSimons retweeted this from @WadeMatheson “Best part of my Sat by @PeterFitz – I […]

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  1. Janet Fulton

    Goodness, no idea! I know there's licence fees, a fair amount of infrastructure and equipment, and it's always been fairly labour intensive (cameraperson, director, floor crew, etc for TV, for example). There seems to be a romanticised idea about the Press with outcry whenever things such as licences are brought... Read more...

  2. Elizabeth Paton

    'Team Australia' bothers me too. Especially the way politicians use it. The Drum's rather more editorial/opinion-based than straight/investigative news, isn't it? I've always wondered why they never did a straight print paper. In dollar terms, do you think it'd be more or less than a TV or radio station to... Read more...

  3. Janet Fulton

    It is important to have a mixture of public and private and the ABC and SBS have charters that are supposed to protect them from the control of the government of the day but of course each Government has put people on the ABC Board who have similar ideologies. I... Read more...

  4. Elizabeth Paton

    How would you see the independence of the ABC and SBS, which are government funded and legislated (ostensibly fully controlled by the government)? The government regularly complain they are the harshest government critics and not on 'team Australia'. Why can't that same model be applied to the press? Are there... Read more...

  5. Janet Fulton

    Some interesting points there, Nick. The idea of government funding has been raised on several occasions and we do have public broadcasters in Oz. But the argument made about government funding is that it flies in the face of freedom of the press and how can the press (which in... Read more...


Precision NeuromodulationPeripheral Neuromodulation

Your sense of balance usually works so well, we don’t give it much thought – until something goes wrong! Our research uses anatomical, physiological, and molecular techniques to explore this important but often over-looked primary sense.

Precision NeuromodulationSpinal Cord Neuromodulation

Our laboratory studies how sensory information, including pain signals, are coded in the spinal cord. We use a range of techniques including patch clamp electrophysiology, optogenetics, and immunohistochemistry to study the function of spinal nerve cells and circuits.

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