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Marine and Estuarine Research GroupWelcome to MERG!

MERG is the Marine and Estuarine Research Group at the University of Newcastle and consists of 4 academics and research students (PhD, Masters and Honours). MERG is an active group working from the tropics to the Antarctic!

Digital MusicU2 shoot themselves in the foot

The Apple hype machine ensures that any announcement of a new product eclipses all other news of the day, and when the announcement is not only of a big 14 x 7 cm phone (an about-turn on Steve Job’s assertion […]

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  1. Kyle Holmes

    Completely agree. In my mind what Apple have done here is far from clever. Apple have harmed the trust of their users and in doing so shown us that our personal mobile device (for example) isn't really all that personal at all. Maybe it is an exaggeration, but for me... Read more...


Design CreativitySemiotics: an intro for first year design students

Check out Feel free to pass this on if it is of value. This was a brief presentation on semiotics for first year design students. It is also posted on Slideshare.( Graphic ideology: An intro to semiotics from University […]

Preclinical NeurobiologyNeuroinflammation and Stress Research Group

Life stressors change the way our brain works.  Over time our long term stress can result in serious behavioural changes and can lead to depression and anxiety. Our research program is undertaking research to design improved treatments for these conditions […]

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