Posts for November 2014

Solutions in EngineeringProfessor Zi-Kui Liu

Professor Zi-Kui Liu (top row, second from the right) from the Pennsylvania State University (USA) is visiting us in November 2014 – January 2015. Informal meeting with the group and families.  

Preclinical NeurobiologyHead and Neck Sensory Research Group

Research Focus The aim of the Head and Neck Sensory Research Group is to better understand the role and influence of the head and neck sensory systems on normal activities of daily living and in circumstances involving dysfunction and or […]

Preclinical NeurobiologyStroke Research Group

The Translational Research in Stroke laboratory have a current strong focus on stroke pathophysiology, imaging and in the regulation of intracranial pressure and cerebrospinal fluid production and drainage after neurological injury. We have active collaborations with several members of our […]

Janet FultonA PS to my last post about surveillance/privacy

It seems that surveillance/privacy/online persona is on others’ minds as well. The New Daily published this story today: How Google search results can ruin your career with some great examples, including a faceplant from the races and Todd Carney, on how difficult […]

Janet FultonWho is watching you? Facebook and surveillance

It’s the end of another semester of teaching about digital communication and working/playing in the online space to a cohort that is primarily from the so-called Millennial generation (18-35), also described as digital natives*. In the last tutorial, we had […]

Solutions in EngineeringARC Discovery Project

The ARC Project “High Energy Density – High Delivery Rate Thermal Energy Storage” has been funded: The intermittency of renewable energy sources will be addressed using new thermal storage media. Advanced heat transfer modelling and in situ neutron diffraction and […]

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