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Online CounsellingMy Sleep Button

ok I couldn’t resist reviewing a sleep related phone application. Most of the ones I came across were around sleep hygeine and sleep-wake cycles. Mysleepbutton isn’t like the others. It is a sleep tool which uses visual imagery to help […]

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Online CounsellingBest Sleep Apps

Rather than download a few of the sleep apps and give you a review of just one app I’ve found a phone app search engine with 25 of the top sleep hygiene apps. Quite a few are paid apps although […]

Online CounsellingSleep….did someone mention sleep?

This past week sleep has become the main focus of my work with students. Stress and Sleep. Often both of them are the issue. Usually one is feeding the other or they have a symbiotic relationship. For some the problem […]

Online CounsellingWellness App

WellKom is a Wellness app that asks you to answer a few questions on your food, drink, sleep and exercise activities. From there is makes some recommendations for an Action Plan that you can work towards to maximise your well […]

Online CounsellingLinking Physical and Mental Health

If you feel well physically you often experience better mental health. You will feel more positive about yourself and your ability to take care of yourself. You often find it easier to sleep, eat healthier and spend time doing things […]

Online CounsellingIs it depression?

Earlier in the week I wrote about identifying the signs and symptoms of depression. There is a difference of course between having a couple of the symptoms and being depressed. Time is an important factor in figuring out if this […]

Online CounsellingNot feeling yourself…..

I don’t know about you but at this time of the year I find it a little harder to be happy than in the summer. Maybe it’s the warm weather or the sun that makes me smile, or the fact […]

Melanie JamesExcellent research and teaching happening in the School of Design, Communication and IT

I have to say I love being part of the School of Design, Communication and Information Technology. The idea to bring together these disciplines over ten years ago at the University of Newcastle (UoN) was a brilliant proactive step. People questioned why […]

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  1. JDelaney

    It's great to see someone who is enthusiastic about their job. As William James (any relation?) said, Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you.

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