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Earth Sciences2015 Project Students

Several Earth Science and Environmental Science students have recently completed a research project as part of their third year of studies. This research project helps students develop essential skills in practical research and report writing, and can also assist in […]

Earth SciencesGEOS2200 Pacific Palms Field Trip 2015

Over 3 days during September ~30 students went to Pacific Palms to look at sedimentary rocks and the depositional environments they formed in. This field trip involved some rock climbing, dolphin watching, looking at fossils and trekking through Booti Booti […]

Earth SciencesGEOS1050 Mt Seaview Field Trip 2015

On the weekend of the 12th of September ~70 students travelled around Booti Booti National Park, Port Macquarie and Mt Seaview to look at a traverse across an ancient arc-forearc-subduction/accretion system. Over the two days we looked at the rock […]

Herding The Green ChickenDifferent Learning Styles

Very early in my teaching at university I had the opportunity to work with a group of colleagues from other disciplines who wanted to test if you could teach oral communications successfully in the online learning environment. It was just […]

Geography, Environmental Studies and Development StudiesWhat if Aboriginal people helped all Australians to connect to country?

The Guardian, 2 November 2015 Picture this: every time Malcolm Turnbull addresses the nation, he acknowledges the Aboriginal country he was born on. @IndigenousX host Charlie Jia imagines a new kind of united Australian identity Charlie Jia: ‘How much better […]

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