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Online CounsellingFit Body = Fit Mind

Want to stress less and bounce back from the challenges of life? Get moving! Exercise gives you more than strong muscles, a fit bod and a healthy heart. It has been shown that exercise can help make us better at […]

ANZAC Her StoryMaud Butler’s Anzac Day

The first official Anzac Day Commemoration held on Tuesday, 25 April 1916, attracted enormous crowds in Sydney, as returned soldiers paraded through the city streets, and an open-air memorial service was attended by a vast throng. St Andrew’s and St Mary’s Cathedrals hosted impressive memorial […]

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  1. Clint

    Lovely article! I thought you might enjoy my post about Maud Butler, recounting how she was mentioned in several messages in bottles sent by troops on the first ship she stowed away on. Cheers!

    • Victoria Haskins

      Hi Clint - I really enjoyed your article. Yes the messages in bottles are fascinating aren't they? Jenny Fawcett did a blog on them too that you might like: see

  2. Julie

    My grandmother would be impressed. Maud was quietly determined to become a nurse and she did this by being a midwife in the 1930s and 1940 s and helping woman and children survive the dangers of childbirth. She was greatly respected in the Canterbury and Campsie area of Sydney in... Read more...

    • Victoria Haskins

      Hello Julie! How exciting you read my blog! I will be certainly emailing you soon to get in touch :) I would like to write a follow-up blog on Maud's later life and will talk about it with you. Regards VKH


ANZAC Her StoryMaud Butler: the girl who wanted to go to war

Maud Butler’s daring but unsuccessful attempt to get to the front on the Suevic in December 1915 appears only to have strengthened her resolve to serve overseas. Three months later, on March 8, 1916, Maud was once again found aboard […]

Online CounsellingMoney, Money, Money.

Money is the bane of existence for most uni students! It can be so tough finding that balance between making enough money to survive and having enough time to complete the content and assessment for university courses. A good budget […]

Online CounsellingThe Balancing Act

Welcome back everyone, I thought the fist week back after the break would be a good time to talk about balance.  Russ Harris, an Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, uses the bullseye diagram to highlight different domains in our lives such […]

ANZAC Her StoryMaud Butler: teenage stowaway

Maud Butler was only 16 years old when she first tried to get to the front – and if it hadn’t been for her boots she might have made it too. The girl from Kurri Kurri, in rural New South […]

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  1. Julie

    Dear Professor Haskins Maud Butler was my maternal grandmother who lived to be 87 years. She studied to become a midwife in the early 1930 and was greatly respected for her care of mothers and babies in the Canterbury and Campsie area in the 1930 and 1940s in Sydney. So... Read more...

    • Colleen Fenn

      I was not aware of the the actions of Maud Butler until reading an article in a far northern Qld. newspaper earlier this week. Became quite excited when reading further information on line. I believe Maud to be the cousin of my maternal grandmother. Both were born at Coen, far... Read more...

      • Victoria Haskins

        Hello Colleen. Yes your Maud is the same intrepid Maud Butler who tried to get to the front. I am sure Julie you would be delighted to hear from you. If you'd like to contact me via my university email address we can keep in touch. I am planning a... Read more...

Online CounsellingWhat are you going to do today?

Wow, I can’t believe the second week of semester break is already coming to an end. This year is just flying by! I hope everyone has had a good break and has taken some time for relaxation and self-care in […]

VisComConceptual Mapping Project

CONCEPTUAL MAPPING PROJECT DESN1112 Second Semester Design Imaging  DESIGN IMAGING 2: DESIGNING PHOTO-BASED HANDMADE IMAGES LECTURERS: Caelli Jo Brooker + Wayne Thompson + Liz Crichton This first year student mapping brief explores the process of creating and designing visually through the investigation, use and understanding […]

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