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ANZAC Her StoryAnti-War Women

Though patriotic fervour ran high in Australia during World War One, that did not mean that all Australian women were pro-war. Women’s reasons for not supporting the war varied. Some were opposed to all wars and others just to this […]

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  1. Carolyn

    It is so interesting to read about these women. It is almost like a hidden story. We hear of the men going off to fight but so much is happening back on the home front. Certainly Women of Courage. Loving your book - One Bright Spot which has finally arrived... Read more...


Herding The Green ChickenHanding over the Reins

Teaching used to be about lectures, and learning about memorising information. But in a field such as sustainability where new ways of acting are the ultimate purpose, just knowing more is not enough. Certainly, knowledge and understanding is important, but […]

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