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Online CounsellingBouncing Back

Semester 1 is over now and as the exams and assessments come to an end you can start to let go of the stress and anxiety that was building over the semester. How quickly you bounce back and get back […]


SMRTY is a interdisciplinary, cross-institutional research group that seeks to investigate the development of effective behavioural change initiatives targeted directly to and tailored for youth. SMRTYs current projects focus on the identification of effective approaches to communicating the importance of […]

Online CounsellingDuring the break….

As the exam period comes to an end this semester I want to take the time to congratulate you all on completing semester 1. It is almost time for you to take a well earned break and recharge between the […]

ANZAC Her StoryAnti-War Women

Though patriotic fervour ran high in Australia during World War One, that did not mean that all Australian women were pro-war. Women’s reasons for not supporting the war varied. Some were opposed to all wars and others just to this […]

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  1. Carolyn

    It is so interesting to read about these women. It is almost like a hidden story. We hear of the men going off to fight but so much is happening back on the home front. Certainly Women of Courage. Loving your book - One Bright Spot which has finally arrived... Read more...


Online Counselling50 losses…..

Last night I had the privilege to be part of a community gathering on campus in the NUSA office. Barrie Shannon organised a candlelight vigil in memory of the loss of life in the Orlando Pulse Nightclub last weekend. Seeing […]

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