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ANZAC Her StoryOlive King: “the picnic gypsy life on the road”

In this blogpost, I’d like to introduce you to Ms Elicia Taylor. Elicia has been helping me prepare stories and images for the posts since I started this blog, and she is herself in the middle of researching a fascinating […]

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  1. Melina

    Thank you, Dr Elicia for this wonderful story! Could you tell me where did you get the quotes from? Is there a biography on her or did she publish an account of her experience in the Balkans during WWI? I'd be very grateful if you let me know, as I... Read more...

    • Victoria Haskins

      Hello Mel, I am replying on behalf of Dr Elicia who did successfully earn her PhD in History and graduated the week before last! However Elicia's university email doesn't connect with the site anymore, but if you email me on I can put you in touch with her. She... Read more...

  2. Rowena Curtin

    I was fascinated reading through this story and Olive's love of adventure, and what shaped her as a person. It seems to me that Olive falls under that group of exceptional people Malcolm Gladwell refers to in "The Outliers" and I am quite fascinated by what it takes to make... Read more...

    • Victoria Haskins

      Thanks Rowena! I've passed on your message to Dr Elicia Taylor who wrote the blog about Olive, I'm sure she'll be very pleased to hear how Olive's story has struck a chord with you.

  3. Victoria Haskins

    Hi Jen! There is one woman we know of, Marion Leanne Smith, who served as nurse in WWI but enlisted in Canada (where she was raised). I've thought about doing a blog about her, but there are some stories already online about her life - I recommend you go to... Read more...

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