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Earth SciencesGCER Potential Honours Topics for 2017

GCER are offering a range of exciting and interesting Honours topics for students interested in starting Honours throughout 2017. For information on each of these topics and who to contact see the information flyer below.   GCER Honours information handout […]

Earth SciencesSpecial Issue Publications of the Climate Change Research Group – Media Releases

Recently a special issue of the Journal of Southern Hemisphere Earth Systems Science (JSHESS) was published that focuses on the Eastern Seaboard Climate Change Initiative (ESCCI) East Coast Low (ECL) projects ( ESCCI is a government/industry/ARC funded program that the […]

Melanie JamesSome helpful links to presenting papers and posters at academic conferences

Today I delivered a seminar for the Faculty of Science and IT’s Higher Degree Research Students on Effective conference presentations and posters. These publications and sites may also provide guidance on these topics:  […]

Herding The Green ChickenLets Not Play Chicken with the Future

There is no doubt that a transition to a 100% renewables electricity sector will have its challenges. Any transformation at such a system-wide scale will. It will require courage, the best minds from a range of disciplines, and social and […]

ANZAC Her StoryJennie Scott Griffiths: “She Fought Where She Stood”

In my last blog I wrote about some of the intriguing women who spoke out against Australia’s involvement in the Great War, in one way or another. In researching this subject, I came across Jennie Scott Griffiths. A prolific writer […]

Recent Comments

  1. Alan Black

    Hi Victoria- I was very interested to read about Maud Butler in your article! What an amazing woman....especially considering the historical context. I have a question for you. I came across a book in my parents huge book collection (they were both english teachers and probably had 6,000 books) as... Read more...

    • Victoria Haskins

      Wonderful that your parents kept such a great collection of books! I think that perhaps your Maud Butler is not the same person as Maud Butler the girl who went to war, because the middle name of WWI Maud is Matilda, as far as I know, although I do have... Read more...

  2. Dr Deborah Jordan

    Her remarkable 'devoted service to the oppressed' as expressed in the letter by her comrades when she left Queensland sums up her contribution in opposing militarism during World War One. It is an extremely interesting document. It's the only surviving headed notepaper with the Queensland branch of the Women's Peace... Read more...

    • Victoria Haskins

      Thanks for your comments Deborah, I am glad that you found this one interesting! Terry Irving kindly shared his copy of that letter with me - I'm sure if you contacted him directly you could find out more about it.

  3. Victoria Haskins

    What a fantastic project Emma. I'm glad the blog on Jennie was helpful. There's a great history of early women's journalism in Australia too, that I came across as I was looking at Jennie's story.

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