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Blue GreenTeam Member of the Month

Name- Sarah Ongley Interests- The production of molecules by bacteria that possess unrivalled diversity in their structures and biological activities is intriguing. I believe that our understanding of the true role of these “natural products” or “secondary metabolites” is only […]

Online CounsellingPerffectionism

  Have you ever found yourself sitting staring at a blank page, unable to get started? Do you put off starting your assessment (or piece of work for your PhD supervisor) until the last minute because you feel overwhelmed with […]

SMRTYFor Youth by Youth

We would like to thank those who joined our Youth Advisory Group last week! It is great to hear what Australia’s youth think of existing social marketing campaigns, and see the types of messages youth think would more effectively resonate […]

Earth ScienceUniversity of Newcastle at the forefront of climate research

University of Newcastle in collaboration with University of Waikato and Melbourne University are leading the way in ground breaking new research into South Pacific and Australian Hydroclimate History. Adam Hartland from Waitomo University, blogs about the fascinating work of our very […]

Tectonics and Earth ResourcesDigital thin sections

With the acquisition of a computer-controlled stage we are now able to digitise thin sections under the microscope. There are many issues to fix, and questions to answer before we can put a web page online but that’s our goal. […]

Online CounsellingManaging end-of-semester Stress

So it is week 10 (nearly week 11), getting towards the pointy end of semester, and many of you may be feeling the squeeze with lots of assessments due and exams on the horizon. Chances are that you might be […]

Blue GreenNew drugs from old bugs

One of the greatest challenges in medicine is the provision of new antibiotics in the face of increasing resistance. One solution may prove to be natural product biosynthetic engineering to create unnatural antibiotics, antivirals, and immunosuppressants. The past two decades […]

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