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VisComExperimental Zine Project

ZINE PROJECT DESN1011 First Semester Design Projects  DESIGN PROJECTS 1: VISUAL DESIGN EXPERIMENTATION This first year student brief involves the creation of a personal experimental zine. It explores the integration of a variety of visual media, ideas, processes and practices into a personal visual communication project. […]

VisComVisual Identity Project

VISUAL IDENTITY PROJECT DESN1011 First Semester Design Projects DESIGN PROJECTS 1: VISUAL DESIGN EXPERIMENTATION This first year student brief explores the generation and application of a personal Visual Identity. It used the design process to navigate multiple stages in the creation of a logo mark. The brief […]

Online CounsellingExcellent Autonomy Day Tips

In the classic 80’s movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, starring a very youthful Keanu Reeves, a very profound mantra was born ….. “Be Excellent to each other, and party on dude!”. I’d like to expand on this great wisdom […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesThe Pizzas Strike Back

Last semester students seemingly inhaled 16 pizzas. Nothing was left. This time a few survived… not many, enough for leftovers.  But we still had a great turnout at our welcome lunch for Semester 2, 2017 with lots of familiar faces of […]

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Tectonics and Earth ResourcesBroken Hill 2017

GEOS3330 excursion to Broken Hill provided a new opportunity this year. For the first time since I started doing this excursion, it rained on the field area during the day. Not enough to make us stop, or worry too much […]

Online CounsellingHow Stress Affects The Brain

It’s the start of Semester 2 … Yay !   Hopefully the stresses of last Semester have been forgotten, and perhaps some lessons learned about what not to do. There are few guarantees in life, death and taxes perhaps, and I […]

Tectonics and Earth ResourcesUpdates on TecPIV

TecPIV is my MATLAB GUI package for calibration, correction of images of analogue models, correlation of images to get incremental and cumulative displacements and spatial derivatives. The code is explained in the paper: Boutelier D. TecPIV – A MATLAB-based application […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesPenny Dunstan’s Shadowlands II

PhD student Penny Dunstan’s visually and conceptually astounding exhibition Shadowlands II opens tonight at the University Gallery, Friday 21st July at 6pm. Nature, art, drinks and nibblies will all be in one spot! Penny kindly took me on a tour of […]

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Tectonics and Earth ResourcesExploring the diffusion equation

While preparing a lab on heat diffusion, I thought it would be interesting to compute the diffusion of topographic relief using the same forward Euler finite difference in 2D (explicit method with central difference in space and forward in time, […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesAdam Kennedy’s New Colombo Stories

Development Studies student Adam Kennedy is moving on to new adventures after his colossal New Colombo Plan Scholarship experience in Singapore. The New Colombo Plan provides opportunities for Australian undergraduate students to live, study and work in the Indo-Pacific region. Excitingly now […]

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Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesBonnie McBain on Transport Reform in The Conversation

    Our Dr Bonnie McBain has been featured in the Conversation for her article on the need for transport reform and with the recent news that some manufacturers are moving towards hydrid and electric cars. This article was originally published […]

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Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesTravel for Good – Phoebe Everingham has submitted her PhD

Good news travels fast so you may have heard our Phoebe Everingham has just submitted her PhD thesis! Excitingly Phoebe is our first PhD graduate in the field of Human Geography at UON to submit by publication. She has published […]

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Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesOur Manufactured Future

  How is manufacturing changing in 2017? Fortunately, things are looking up. “After years of downsizing and pessimism, there are encouraging signs that manufacturing industry in Australia may be turning a corner. Employment and new orders have grown. Business optimism […]

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Online CounsellingSleep On It

It seems like every week there is a different awareness campaign attempting to help us live a healthier and happier life. Paying attention to all these different campaigns can be exhausting, and so it’s timely that from the 3rd July […]

Online CounsellingDry July 2017

WOW – half way through 2017! Mid-point in the year is often a good time to press the reset button, a bit like New Year. It can be a good time to reflect on the behaviours we’re using to cope […]

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