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Online CounsellingCensus date is here

So as most of you would be aware, census date is approaching fast. Census date is the last day that you can withdraw from or drop a course without financial penalty (i.e., still having to pay the fees). In Semester […]

Online CounsellingEqual rights…to vote

On September 12 this year Australians will be asked to vote on amending the Australian Marriage Law to enable same-sex marriage. For those of you who have missed all the social media on this important event, one of the most […]

Tectonics and Earth ResourcesViscoelasticity at large strains

The Maxwell body of a linear-elastic Hookean spring in series with a Newtonian dashpot is the simplest rheological model for geological deformation. It has been employed to describe many deformation processes. However current Maxwell models display well-known errors when the […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesEnrol to Vote and Have Your Say

The University is encouraging all staff and students to have their say in the upcoming postal survey on Australian marriage law (referred to as the ‘same-sex marriage postal vote’). If you would like to vote you may need to enrol; […]

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Solutions in Engineering2.5 Ton Drop Test

In June 2017 we have successfully tested a P-MSF impact module. A 2.5 ton drop test was conducted to replicate conditions encountered in an automotive impact. The work has been supported by Transurban with an Innovation Grant. P-MSF, a novel material […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesInstitute of Australian Geographers, Annual Conference 2017

The 2017 Annual Conference of the Institute of Australian Geographers has just been held at the University of Queensland. Twelve academic staff members and PhD students from UON’s Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies were among the almost 200 participants. […]

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Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesFood Security Research Partnerships Strengthened by International Fellows Visit

As part of her Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) funded research project, Chief Investigator Dr Sarah Wright from the School of Environmental and Life Sciences facilitated an international fellows visit for the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CURS) at […]

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Online CounsellingWeighing in on the issue..

We all know that Netflix is not afraid to push boundaries and air controversy. It seems their new film To the Bone is picking up where 13 Reasons Why left off by bringing an important issue to light but perhaps not doing it […]

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