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Environmental Science and ManagementDr Simon Clulow Published in Science

Excitingly Dr Simon Clulow, a member of the Conservation Biology Group has had a paper published in Science. The paper, published with Australian and international co-authors identifies the frog fauna of New Guinea (including Papua New Guinea) at risk of a major catastrophic […]

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Online CounsellingMaking the Most of the Mid-Semester Break

The phrase “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” was recorded as early as 1659 according to Wikipedia, which demonstrates that there has been a strong understanding of the need for work / life balance for almost […]

Online CounsellingRUOK ? A conversation can change a life.

It’s a very sad fact that on average  8 people take their own life each day in Australia, and for each death, 30 others attempt suicide. RUOK is a campaign to address the main risk factors of suicide:  Isolation and […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesOut and About Rethinking Development

Lucky students enroled in GEOG3300 took part in a one-day field trip to the beautiful Central Coast. We ventured to a number of key sites to think back on our past and current development with our guide, Gavi from Bara […]

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Online CounsellingThree Good Things

It is common for people to perceive that Psychology is all about mental illness, but this is far from the truth. The field of Clinical Psychology actually started to grow after World war I & II, when many soldiers returned […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesUp for a Yarn to Rethink Development

A key part of our third year core course GEOG3300 Rethinking Development involves providing diverse learning experiences and opportunities to reflect on what it means to relate differently with other people, including non-human others. Bernard Kelly-Edwards, Gumbaynggirr man from Bellingen […]

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Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesHonours Information Session Coming Soon

We are holding an information session for 3rd year students that are interested in studying Honours in 2018. The session is on the 12th of September 2017 starting at 9am. You can find further information and requirements below. We have […]

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