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Principia PedagogicaPublic commentary

So it seems I have been sucked into the now all so common social media maelstrom.  My hope with this blog — should it actually still exist and work — is to develop the arguments I wish I could make […]

Online CounsellingMindfulness and Anxiety

Have you heard about Mindfulness ? If not where have you been hiding, it’s all the rage and all the cool kids are doing it ! Mindfulness is a concept that the West has borrowed principally from Buddhist meditation practices, […]

Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesENVS3006 Field Trip: Hunter Businesses Putting Sustainability into Practice

The day wasn’t planned just to see the week-old baby goats, but they were the highlight of the excursion for many students (as you can see)! During the ENVS3006 Sustainability: Theory and Practice excursion, we visited and learned from local […]

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Geography, Environmental Studies, and Development StudiesTully Hambridge at the Jakarta International Youth Program

In August Tully Hambridge had the amazing opportunity to attend the Jakarta International Youth Program. You may have met Tully in class, she is a current Bachelor of Social Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) student majoring in Human Geography and the Environment. She […]

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