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Earth SciencesABC interview

Our very own Professor Silvia Frisia gives a fascinating ABC radio interview discussing the importance of examining climate archives and the science behind dating historical carbon events on Earth.

Geography, Environmental Studies and Development StudiesNew combined degree 2020

The Bachelor of Development Studies is currently available as a combined degree with Business, Laws and Social Sciences. Excitingly, starting in 2020, it will also be available as a combined degree with Global Indigenous Studies.  The collaborative degree will draw […]

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  1. Dave

    Thanks for info. A combined degree programme is a structured plan of study that allows you to get two degrees at the same time. Is combine degree useful more than single degree?

    • Taylor Whiston

      Depending on what your personal goals are for completing a degree, a single or double may be more beneficial to you. There is also the option of honours and postgraduate study if you wish to study further.


Geography, Environmental Studies and Development StudiesNovember; World Vegan Month

This month I am super excited to post about World Vegan Month! We would have all heard the common stereotypes “vegans don’t eat anything that casts a shadow”, “they just eat grass”, “it’s not healthy, protein comes from meat” and […]

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  1. Vegankart

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