Posts for August 2020

Neilan Laboratory of Microbial & Molecular DiversityWhat are Cyanobacteria?

By Leanne Pearson  Photosynthetic microorganisms known as cyanobacteria are found in a variety of aquatic and terrestrial habitats worldwide, including oceans, lakes, polar melt-water ponds, hot springs and desert soil crusts. Sometimes erroneously termed ‘blue-green algae’, they are in fact a morphologically and physiologically diverse phylum of bacteria. Cyanobacteria were among the earliest lifeforms to colonise Earth, and it […]

Neilan Laboratory of Microbial & Molecular DiversityMeet our iGEM team

Greetings! We are the DeNovoCastrians, the inaugural iGEM team from University of Newcastle. iGEM (international Genetically Engineered Machine) is a competition that gives students the opportunity to push the boundaries of synthetic biology by tackling everyday challenges. Synthetic biology is […]

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