Another way to look at strain

Here is another way to look at strain from PIV analysis of analogue models. After computing all the spatial derivatives of the velocity or incremental displacements field, the 2D small strain tensor can be assembled. Below I calculated the principal […]

Quasi static and dynamic compression of zinc syntactic foams

Our paper has been published in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds. The paper can be downloaded for free before September 21, 2018. Abstract In this study, two novel zinc syntactic foams are tested in dynamic and quasi-static compression. Expanded perlite […]

Managing Procrastination Workshop

Did procrastination get the better of you last semester? You are not alone!  Register below to learn some strategies and tips to get on top of Procrastination. Do it now – don’t let your brain convince you to do it […]

What is counselling about?

Curious about counselling but not quite sure what it involves or how it can help you? Navigator author, Jack Moran, shares his experiences with Counselling and applying for adverse circumstances on Navigator: “That time I went to counselling: Demystifying Adverse Circumstances” […]

Postdoctoral Research Associate – Position Available

Postdoctoral Research Associate Location: Neilan Laboratory of Microbial and Molecular Diversity School of Environmental and Life Sciences University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia Available for immediate start Academic Level: A Contract type: Full time. Fixed term, 1 year with opportunity […]

Exhumation of (U)HP/LT rocks

Crustal rocks metamorphosed at ultra-high pressure (UHP) record burial to 100–150 km depths and subsequent return to the surface. Although it is well accepted that UHP rocks are formed by deep subduction of continental passive margin rocks, the mechanisms by which […]

Large-scale drop test on perlite–metal syntactic foam

Our manuscript Large-scale drop test on perlite–metal syntactic foam has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Composite Materials. Abstract Perlite–metal syntactic foam is a low-cost cellular metal intended for use in automotive impact protection. To test the viability of […]

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