Adverse Circumstances

UON has a policy and procedure in place to assist students who for a number of reasons are unable to complete assessments within the due dates, attend examinations on the set dates or have been adversely affected in their preparation and/or performance in an exam. You can review the policy and procedure documents, and also follow the application process available here. You may also like to seek information from Ask UON.

There are 5 areas where adverse circumstance will be considered. These include:

  • Health
  • Compassionate grounds
  • Hardship
  • Trauma
  • Unavoidable commitments

Counselling staff may be able, in some circumstances, to provide you with supporting documentation for this process. If you are already seeing one of the counsellors then you should discuss this with them. If you haven’t been seeing a counsellor but think you might need some assistance then you can make an appointment with a Student Support Advisor to discuss your needs. At this initial appointment you can discuss the adverse circumstances process and they can determine if supporting documentation is appropriate. You can also get advice from the online counsellor during Skype Drop-in times or the Student Advice Team, located at the Student Hubs. They will be able to help you and direct you to the appropriate pathway for obtaining supporting documentation.

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