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The Online Counselling Service at UON is a position funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). My role is to be able to provide students with access to counselling and advice regarding their health and well being whilst they are a student at UON. Whilst traditionally counsellor support has been accessed face-to-face on campus there is a growing need for alternative sources of access and utilisation of technology to enable this. At UON I’m trying to reach out in a number of ways.

The first one is this website and the blog. Each week I will blog about different issues and areas of concern for students around their university experience and their health and well being. In addition to that I will also regularly review online resources and programs available and smartphone applications which may be helpful managing the day to day demands of being a student. This website will also hold links to the UON tip sheets for a number of areas affecting academic performance, students lives and mental health. It will also be an avenue to find local and national community resources that might be of assistance.

The second way is through  Skype Drop-In times. These are set times where you can reach out to me using Skype without an appointment. They are not in place of an appointment but can be used to help you find resources which might help or identify if ongoing appointments are a good idea. During semester time the following drop-in times are available:

  • Tuesday between 7-8pm
  • Thursday between 2:30-3:30pm and again from 8-9pm
  • Friday between 9-10am

My Skype username is UoNonlinecounsellor.

The third way is through one-on-one sessions through either Skype or Blackboard Instant Messenger. If you are interested in making an appointment you can do this by either emailing online or calling 49215801.

 If you want to know more about me you can check out my profile here.
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