From Antarctica to the Alps: The Last Glaciers?

22 Oct

Silvia Frisia was invited to talk at a public meeting attended by 150 people ran by the Trentino Climate Observatory and the Department of Civil Protection on the 9th of October. The conference was titled ‘From Antarctica to the Alps: the last glaciers?’ and hosted several speakers discussing topics such as why ice is disappearing in Trentino and the last 200 years of glaciation in Trentino. Recent studies of the global effects and the latest measurements show a strong reduction of the glaciers in Trentino to the point that they may be at risk to disappearing.

The event was to raise awareness to the public and local authorities regarding what “Global” change means and provided a good opportunity effective science communication on the subject to a lay audience.

Silvia discussed ‘the disappearance of the ice: a great unknown about the effects in global warming’ and thought the event was a great success as it not only raised awareness about the effects of climate change but can lead to influencing the general public to take positive action. Silvia’s research in paleoclimatology has focused on the causes of the collapse of the ice sheets and the retreat of alpine glaciers that are faster than predicted by the models of climate simulation.

Alimonta-vedretta emorena (2)
Alimonta-Vedrettaemorena: One of the sites in the Trento region where sub-glacial carbonates were collected that document where the maximum ice thickness was and the ages of the maximum glacial volume, about 400-500m thicker than today.

DSCN9487 (2)
What is left of the glaciers in the Dolomites, a UNESCO world heritage site. The ice approximately 20,000-5,000 years ago reaches all the way to where the photographer is standing.

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