GEOS2200 Pacific Palms Field Trip 2015

5 Nov

Over 3 days during September ~30 students went to Pacific Palms to look at sedimentary rocks and the depositional environments they formed in. This field trip involved some rock climbing, dolphin watching, looking at fossils and trekking through Booti Booti National Park to remote locations.

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We looked at sedimentary sequences from shallow marine, beach deposits, sinous rivers, levee deposits and over-bank deposits consistent with a tidal deltaic setting. The students observed sedimentary facies that showed changes in flow strength of rivers and waves, erosional events, colder conditions at the time the rocks were deposited and changes in sea level over time. Students were asked to draw a sedimentary log which included interpretations of the geology, geological history and depositional environments of each area. They also interpreted whether the stratigraphy showed transgression (tidal delta transitioning into shallow then deeper marine) or regressive (vice versa) sequences.

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We visited Booti Booti National Park, Elizabeth Beach, Blueys Beach and Seal Rocks. Everyone decided to bond over mexican tapas and cocktails at a local cafe on the last night. The sun was out the whole time we were there and our accommodation was right by Elizabeth Beach, which was the perfect location for a bonfire on the final night.

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