Earth Science Graduate Top 1%

23 Mar

Anna Flack was selected in the top 1% of graduates for the prestigious Sydney Water graduate program.

Anna Completed her undergraduate degree at University of Newcastle, and completed her Honours, in Earth Science with Anthony Keim.

Anna will spend the next four years working in various Sydney Water departments, gaining a wealth of experience, that will hold her in an excellent position for her future endeavors.

“The past 3 weeks have been heaps of training – confined spaces, CPR, fire and WHS, It’s been pretty fun because the 10 of us graduates have been doing everything together. They put a lot of emphasis on teamwork and making sure we all get along and a positive workplace culture”

Anna has started her placement in the Competition and Regulation unit, working on the Hawkesbury-Nepean Nutrient Regulation Framework project.

The project aims “to figure out how to reduce the amount of nutrients going into the river. Lots of wastewater treatment plants pump into the river and demand will increase over the next few decades due to population growth in Western Sydney, meaning nutrients will also increase. The EPA regulates us so we need to work closely with them as well as the OEH

Anna is so enthusiastic about the program she encourages other undergraduate students to submit an application. “Any students who might like to apply for the program I’d definitely recommend it”.

Applications close on the 31st of March for Sydney Water’s 2018 program.


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