GEOS2050 – River Basin Processes

29 Mar


GEOS2050 – River Basin Processes

2017 GEOS2050 Students

In March 2017, Associate Professor Greg Hancock took 41 undergraduate students to the quaint, small town Merriwa. The two-day field trip is a hands on, interactive teaching, component of GEOS2050 River Basin Processes. Students chose to stay at either the El Dorando Motel or camp at the Merriwa Caravan Park along the bank of the Merriwa River.


The course aimed at developing student knowledge of water movement through river basins, the role that water plays in soil development, sediment transport and how water influences and shapes river basin landscapes. Students achieved this by undertaking fieldwork at a private properly approximately 20 minutes out of Merriwa. Here students gathered soil moisture and pH data across the landscape. The view at the top of the field site was outstanding. That night at the Merriwa RSL, most students had dinner and worked on their reports that focused on the fieldwork data that day.


GEOS2050 students

The following day students observed the Merriwa River in order to learn how the river interacts and shapes the surrounding landscape and how human influences impact on the river morphology. After writing down initial observations, students were clad in waders and delved into the river with surveying staffs in order to create a cross profile of the river.

Fieldwork provided students with practical knowledge including orientating themselves using a GPS and map, soil moisture/pH measuring equipment, current

Study site- Merriwa

meters and surveying equipment. In addition, two PhD students supervised by Associate Professor Greg Hancock engaged with undergraduate students, highlighting the application and importance of their research areas.

If this course interests you, consider enrolling in GEOS2050 in Semester 1, 2018.

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