ENVS3007 Environmental Remediation Field Trip 2017

1 Jun


On May 5th 2017, ENVS3007 Environmental Remediation students visited a former “town gas” work site in Clyde St, Hamilton. Students were shown around the site by a member of Jemena, the company which is currently responsible for monitoring and remediating contaminates left over at the site from its days as a gasworks. Even though town gas manufacturing ceased in 1982, students were able to observe the impacts this work continues to have including heavy soil and water contamination, including tar oozing from the ground.



After a quick stop for lunch, students were then on their way to Neath to visit a derelict coal mine and coal washery site. Here students learnt about the history of the site as a coal mine and coal washery site, how these processes have changed and shaped the land and water and resulted in acid mine drainage (AMD). These changes were dramatic in some areas; large areas of dirt had seemingly little to no vegetation indicating the presence of something sinister within the soil, as well crystal clear water with an incredibly low pH of 2.8. This field trip exposed students firsthand to the long-term environmental impacts that mining has.

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