In the Media: Hannah Power in Total Girl and The Express Advocate

21 Mar

Have you ever been asked, maybe by your inquisitive child, “Why do we get high and low tides”, and you haven’t been quite sure of the answer? If so, then the April issue (Issue 189, pg 81) of Total Girl is can help you! In it, Hannah Power, senior lecturer at UoN, explains exactly why we get high and low tides to her captive audience of girls aged 6 – 13 years. This is great exposure of science to those young curious minds.

Read Hannah in Total Girl

The Express Advocate also wanted to hear from Hannah, asking her about coastal erosion and its implications on coastal homes (|Thursday, March 15, 2018).

The results from this research suggest that we need solid investment in coastal management and to plan appropriately for our coastal regions to ensure we mitigate the risk and don’t create more problems.

Hannah Power

Read Hannah’s work in The Express Advocate

Hannah Power

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