The Cook Islands Team


The Cook Islands Team

Associate Professor Slivia Frisia
University of Newcastle  Project Lead- Ass.Prof. Silvia Frisia – Associate Professor Silvia Frisia

Associate Professor Frisia joined the University of Newcastle in 2007 after many years working internationally and brings with her a strong reputation for collaboration, something she is keen to ensure her students embrace.

With increasing climate and environmental challenges, Associate Professor Frisia’s work within Earth Sciences employs cutting edge technologies to attempt to reveal more about the history of the earth and also the history of humans. More recently, this work has taken her deep within a cave in Italy to help extract the oldest Neanderthal DNA yet recorded.


Associate Professor Andrea Borsato
University of Newcastle -Con.Ass.Prof. Andrea Borsato-Associate Profesor Andrea Borsato



Dr. John Hellstrom
Dr. John Hellstrom- University of Melbourne-
Professor Dave Mattey
Prof. Dave Mattey- Royal Holloway University of London (UK)
Collaborators include
  • Adam Hartland- University of Waikato NZ,
  • Dan Sinclair University of Victoria, Wellington, NZ;