Youth-led development in the Pacific: a pilot study in strengths-based participatory research

19 Nov
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At a time when global development conversations are focused on the post-2015 development agenda, and with the perspectives of young people finally being recognised as a key consideration as we move beyond the Millennium Development Goals (United Nations, Global Thematic Consultation on Governance Report, 2015:9), it is an opportune moment to build on existing Pacific-led efforts that redefine what development could be and might involve. Guided by the Pacific Youth Council (PYC), this pilot study draws on the strengths, priorities and aspiration of a group of young people representing 10 organisations to explore and design development frameworks using strengths-based participatory processes. During a two-day workshop held on 22nd & 23rd September, 2015 participant co-researchers reflected on their development practice and developed a range of key themes and mechanisms to better integrate youth perspectives into existing development and organisational processes. All co-researchers are currently putting together a workshop summary document and planning a number of co-authored practitioner and academic publications.


Paul Hodge, Vivian Koster, Manasa Vatanitawake, Tarusila Bradburgh, Joji Taqiritawa, Akmal Ali, Joey Tau, Ani Tokalaulevu, Ben Gibson, Damien Rex-Horoi, Sargam Goundar, Sevuloni Ratu, Maika Ranamalo, Bulou Elenoa.

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