‘Notes from the Philippines’ – Part 1

12 Jan
An update from Lisa Butson (Development Studies Student, UoN) as she studies water and wastewater management in the Philippines as a New Colombo Plan fellow.


Lisa-Butson crop

Photo: Lisa Butson, UON


“I have met with one of the organisations I will be doing an internship with, the Center for Disaster Preparedness here in the Philippines. It’s a local NGO and the director was discussing with me the change in the approach to disaster risk reduction. Previously it was a top down system of organisation, being designed by government, however there has been a growing shift toward community driven development practices”.


“For one of my classes this semester (economic development) here at the university I’ll also get to go out and do some field work. We will be going out to local communities and doing a survey (my group has been assigned income and employment) and we have to do our own econometric analysis of the data and then present our results and policy recommendations to the local government officials”.


“It was really cool to hear how the theories we had been learning about play out in the Philippines”.

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