UON ranked in the world’s top 150 for Geography

9 Mar

The University of Newcastle (UON) Australia’s geography discipline has ranked in the top 150 in the world, confirmed by the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017.

Associate Professor Sarah Wright in Geography and Development Studies

In addition to its expert and internationally recognised academic leaders, the discipline’s up and coming researchers have played a key role in contributing to UON’s global ranking in Geography.

Associate Professor in Geography and Development Studies, Associate Professor Sarah Wright, was recently awarded a $930,000 Australian Research Council Future Fellowship grant to support her investigation into how people living in regions that are prone to unusual weather events adapt to changing climates in culturally-appropriate manners. In collaboration with non-governmental organisations and indigenous communities across Australia, Cuba, South Africa, the Philippines and Kenya, this significant research will facilitate an improved understanding of the relationship between weather, people and place, whilst further heightening the discipline’s global research impact.

In connection with research capacity is the ability for the discipline’s academics to communicate research focus areas through enhanced teaching and learning. In recognition of the discipline’s strengths in providing innovative and engaged teaching, Dr Bonnie McBain received a 2016 Australian Award for University Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning for her involvement in developing innovative curricula for students, providing resources and services to improve teaching, and providing national and international leadership in teaching for sustainability.

Geography allows students to combine human and physical geography or to specialise in order to better understand current challenges across the globe. This hands-on major addresses social, political, cultural and environmental issues and their impacts, allowing students to develop key research skills that will prepare them for future employment or further study.

Geography can be studied as a major in the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Arts, or geography courses can be taken as part of the Bachelor Of Development Studies and the Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management – Sustainability major. Geography can also be studied as part of a teaching qualification at UON.

*This has been reposted from the UON Media team with permission. It was not written by Brittany Noble. Please find original post here for further information and to find out how other subjects at UON were ranked.

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