The Next System To A More Livable World

29 Mar

Associate Professor Dr Jenny Cameron and colleagues have published an article titled “Cultivating a Community Economy: Tools for a More Livable World”. In this article, the focus is on livable, sustainable and just ways forward for development by:

identifying, gathering, and amplifying ethical economic practices that already exist—and that are prescient of “the world we want to live in.” (Gibson-Graham et al., 2017 p. 2)

The article is free to access online here. It’s worth a read for all our keen geographers!

The article has been published as part of the Next System Project, an initiative that aspires to find a way forward to positive change in developed countries around the world. The project encourages both political and innovative thinking and debates among researchers, thinkers and activists. Encouraging readers and contributors to question outdated and ineffective systems, and suggest ways forward to more sustainable systems with better social, economic and ecological outcomes. The Next System is influential in inspiring hope, through looking towards alternatives for future development and activism.

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