The Brief: 2017 Honours Student Projects

11 May

If you’ve ever wondered about the types of projects you can do for Honours in Geography at the University of Newcastle – look no further, scroll on down!

For those unsure about what Honours is – it’s an original research project that goes for one-year or part-time equivalent that will teach students invaluable project management, communication and writing skills along the way.

Here’s your brief on what our Honours’ students are busy working on in 2017. Their projects might help to inspire your own ideas about future topics for your own study, interests, hobbies or even encourage you towards volunteer opportunities. We have a great mix of projects from community housing and water governance, to the relational giving of sustainable feminine hygiene products across the world and more.

Our Honours Students hard at work in a Computer Lab

If Honours is something you are considering in the future, the supervisors of the Honours projects are listed so you can think about who might be the right fit for you and your study interests.

Bec Scott – Honours | Supervisor Dr Paul Hodge

Yenema – Budjari Gumada: ‘Walk with Good Spirit on, at, with, as Yarramundi’

The purpose of this research is to explore natural resource management through Indigenous-led collaborative research methodologies that are ethical, performative, healing and transformative. Bec is undertaking a case study of Yarramundi Reserve using discourse analysis and semi-structured interviews to learn more about Country practices and processes while building relationships with elders.

Jean-Louise Olivier – Honours | Supervisor Dr Paul Hodge

Geo-Politics and The Body: Gender, Protest, Citizen Activism

Jean-Louise exploring the embodied politics of citizen activists. Through looking at personal politics and feminist literature, Jean-Louise use feminist methodology, discourse analysis and interviews of participants in the group Grandmothers Against Detention of Refugee Children Newcastle to learn more about bodily, personal politics and feminist scholarship.

Laura Mason – Honours | Supervisor A/Prof Jenny Cameron

Relational Giving: When Blood Bonds

Inspired by her involvement with Days for Girls International, Laura’s Honours project is considering the shared experience of menstruation in women and how globalisation leads to relational care and giving around the world. Laura’s qualitative research will be conducted through participant observation and semi-structured interviews.

Liam Jewell – Honours | Supervisor A/Prof Kathy Mee

Tenant Engagement in Community Housing

Liam is considering how engagement strategies, participative management and facilitation impacts on the social outcomes of people in community housing for Compass Housing Services.  The goal of the project is not to evaluate but to draw links to build a picture of the process using an actor-orientated approach, document analysis, interviews and participant observation.

Lisa Butson – Honours | Supervisor Dr Meg Sherval

Plenty of water, too much prescription? Examining the water governance system of the Philippines 

Lisa is examining the dynamics between national and local approaches to water  governance in the Philippines. Lisa hopes that her project will inform water reform in the Philippines. Her methodologies used semi-structured interviews, policy analysis with potential to conduct field work in the Philippines to address its fragmented nature.

Megan Cook – Honours | Supervisor A/Prof Jenny Cameron

Target 140: Under the Lens

Megan is exploring South East Queensland’s Target 140, an indoor water savings initiative borne out of concerns of drought, population density and climate change.  Target 140 encouraged residents to voluntarily reduce their average water consumption to 140L per person per day requiring considerable change to everyday practices in households towards more sustainable transformation. Megan will look at Target 140 under the lens of policy, climate change and academia as well as evaluating sources including newspaper articles and television transcripts.

There will be an information session in September 2017 for students interested in Honours in Geography or Honours in Development Studies in 2018. Stay tuned for more information.

If you have any questions or are excited about any of these projects, free free to comment!

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