Penny Dunstan’s Shadowlands II

21 Jul
Penny installing her artwork made up of maps and illustrations of missing catchments, crushed up.

PhD student Penny Dunstan’s visually and conceptually astounding exhibition Shadowlands II opens tonight at the University Gallery, Friday 21st July at 6pm. Nature, art, drinks and nibblies will all be in one spot!

Penny kindly took me on a tour of her exhibition and talked me through her works of art while setting up ready for the big night. She allowed me to take some behind-the-scenes photos to share with you.  VIP much?

Time lapse of a thistle. One of her works depicting native and introduced plants. They look 3D in person.

Penny is an agronomist, artist, teacher and communicator. In this exhibition, her works showcase stories around land rehabilitation, land use and lived encounters.

You will find a myriad of techniques to communicate different stories of novel ecosystems, geology and landscapes using time lapses, statigraphic and topographic drawing, soil exploration and photography.

Penny Dunstan wrote on her exhibition, “In the Upper Hunter Valley, open-cut coal mining is transforming what was once agricultural land into unfamiliar landscapes. The trace of history has been severed by industry, to be replaced by shadowlands of our consumerism.

This PhD research exhibition is based upon walking through these hidden places and interacting in this newly manufactured world. It is a record of wayfinding through terraformed land, using drawing, photography, soils and collected artefacts.

Through these works, creative practice co-constitutes post-mining places by transmuting tracks into images into images and giving interactions form, thereby articulating a way of knowing our shadowlands and making our minescapes matter.”


We wish Penny all the best for her exhibition and encourage all keen geographers to have a look while the exhibition is open. If you are not able to make it to the opening tonight, her amazing works will be there until the 5th of August, 2017.

You can find out more about her work here.



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