The Pizzas Strike Back

27 Jul

Last semester students seemingly inhaled 16 pizzas. Nothing was left. This time a few survived… not many, enough for leftovers. 

The group looking happy, post pizza

But we still had a great turnout at our welcome lunch for Semester 2, 2017 with lots of familiar faces of lecturers and continuing students (including New Colombo Plan scholar Adam Kennedy after recently returning from the Philippines). Alongside a few brave new students joining the bunch.

Students with Dr Faith Curtis, A/Prof. Kathy Mee, Dr Paul Hodge, Dr Sarah Bell and Dr Jill Sweeney

It was great to catch up on how semester 1 went, find out what different subjects have been like and what our students are aspiring towards in their current volunteer work or future careers. We’re lucky to have such a lovely group of engaged, ambitious and positive students in Development Studies.

Dr Paul Hodge chatting with students

These events are a fantastic opportunity to ask any questions you may have whether directly related to Development Studies or not, it’s all part of the student experience.  ASKUON is a great place to start for any student administration questions – there were a few queries floating around about iLead Plus, enrolment and graduation which can be found here. If we can’t answer a specific question we may still have an idea of where to point you so don’t be afraid to ask! (… But if they are Development Studies related, it’s the perfect time to pick Kathy Mee’s brain!) 


Some students were also talking about what they might like to do post graduation and what career paths they’d like to pursue. Development Studies can lead to a number of different futures, so if you are looking for some inspiration – perhaps have a read of our latest bunch of graduate profiles. From graduates working in social justice, transport and water spaces to a photographer/filmmaker working in different spaces every couple of months documenting human stories across the world. There are lots of options.

Smiley faces as students spot the piles of pizza boxes after their lecture

We hope that after having a chat and your stomach filled that you are feeling ready to tackle Semester 2, 2017. We wish you all the best. Be sure to keep us in the loop on our Facebook page

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