Institute of Australian Geographers, Annual Conference 2017

11 Aug

The 2017 Annual Conference of the Institute of Australian Geographers has just been held at the University of Queensland. Twelve academic staff members and PhD students from UON’s Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies were among the almost 200 participants.

Presentations from the UON delegation included those on wayfinding with mobile phones (Ainsley Hughes), the politics of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas (KNAGs) (Melina Ey), the urban-rural interface (Susan Caves) and human-fish relationships (Matthew Coxhill).

UON participants also organised several sessions including four sessions on Critical Development Studies (Dr Paul Hodge); and sessions on Economic Geography and the Innovation Agenda (Associate Professor Jenny Cameron) and the Politics of Care (Associate Professor Kathleen Mee).

There were also pre-conference workshops including a well-attended workshop by Professor Tim Edensor from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. The workshop comprised an afternoon roundtable discussion followed by an evening field trip to explore Brisbane’s urban illuminations. PhD student Elizabeth (Liz) Adamczyk was one of the attendees. Liz said that the best thing about the workshop was the opportunity to participate in an event that differed from the traditional conference format.

“Rather than being ‘told’ about how the world is made around us, we were encouraged to discover its making as we walked the city. Tim established an inquisitive and challenging dialogue amongst a group of scholars that set the scene to approach the remainder of the conference.”

IAG Contributors – Top Photo right to left: Dr Jill Sweeney, Dr Sarah Bell, Melina Ey (PhD student) and Ainsley Hughes (PhD student)
IAG Attendees and Contributors from left to right – Matthew Coxhill (PhD student), Elizabeth Adamcyzk (PhD student), Melina Ey (PhD student), Susan Caves (PhD student), Associate Professor Michelle Duffy, Dr Paul Hodge, Associate Professor Kathy Mee, Associate Professor Jenny Cameron, Dr Sarah Bell and Ainsley Hughes (PhD student)

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