Up for a Yarn to Rethink Development

6 Sep
In-class yarning Icebreaker exercise

A key part of our third year core course GEOG3300 Rethinking Development involves providing diverse learning experiences and opportunities to reflect on what it means to relate differently with other people, including non-human others. Bernard Kelly-Edwards, Gumbaynggirr man from Bellingen on the mid-north coast, introduced the class to Indigenous ways of knowing and integration in Week 5’s two hour Workshop. The workshop is the first in a series of experiences over the next two weeks on ‘Thinking and working relationally’ in GEOG3300. Stay tuned for more updates!

Discussion circle and introduction from Bernard

The photos above show a Yarning Icebreaker exercise, Bernard Introducing his story to the class and the photo below is Bernard’s painting reflecting his mother’s life and ongoing presence.


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