Dr Paul Hodge & Dr Faith Curtis on Nurturing Strengths and Challenging Myths

6 Mar

Our Dr Paul Hodge and Dr Faith Curtis have put together an important report entitled ‘Nurturing Strengths, Challenging Myths: People seeking asylum and the role of support and advocacy organisations‘. It focusses on stories of practitioners in advocacy and support organisations across Australia implementing strength-based approaches to build on the capacities of people seeking asylum.

The foreword notes:

“We hope that by sharing these strength-based stories of care, belonging and hope, we show the difference strength-based practices can make in this, at times, challenging context. To make explicit the strength-based work of practitioners working with people seeking asylum is to begin to build an altogether different public discourse and policy discussion on migration in Australia.”

It’s a great resource to learn more about the changing political climate and challenges for practitioners by highlighting the positive impact that adopting strength-based approaches can have and to question existing myths and move towards nurturing strength.

You can read their report here.


Dr Paul Hodge 




Dr Faith Curtis



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