Recent Developments in the GeoHumanities

15 Apr

Last week we were treated to a guest lecture delivered by Dr Candice Boyd from the University of Melbourne. Candice provided an enlightening and insightful perspective on GeoHumanities. We learnt that about GeoHumanities, which is still a relatively new field that combines geography and the creative arts. Candice provided some examples of GeoHumanities from her own research, including investigating art therapy with space and place. Another GeoHumanities examples Candice highlighted was the initiative in Melbourne that provided individual trees with their own email address. Candice will be involved in combining these emails, the trees which they were addressed towards with soundscapes to provide back to the community.

Because this is still a relatively new field of research, Candice highlighted the work that was still required to go into creating an appropriate framework to encapsulate the scholarly integrity of the research.

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