October; Buy Nothing New

1 Oct

“We live in times of limited resources but unlimited desire to consume them. The answer is simple: consume less as a consumer; make better 
designed product as a manufacturer.”

The theme of this month is “Buy Nothing New!”

How many times have you gone shopping out of boredom? Or said ‘I have nothing to wear!’ whilst flicking through your abundant wardrobe. Let’s be honest we are all guilty of buying items that we really do not need or use enough to justify its purchase. So this month it is time to focus on your consumerism behaviour and consider; do I need to buy this?

The TEDx Talk delivered by Michelle McGagh highlights her experience during her year that she committed to buying nothing. She set herself reasonable goals which included an allowance for essential items, and during this time she also discovered what she actually needed to be happy, and 

Another super handy, short and inspiring TEDx Talk is by Rose Lounsbury a minimalist, spreading the word about the effects of having too many material items and the benefits of culling.

This video has some great tips to reduce your spending or how to shop more mindfully, with one tip, to just schedule no spend days! Sounds so simple and one I will definitely use to reduce boredom shopping.

If you decide during the buy nothing new month to clear some space and start your minimalist journey, please donate or re-purpose anything you can. Charity bins and stores will take any reusable items with the sale proceeds going to support fellow community members. H&M also take any second hand clothing in store and re-purpose the material to reduce waste.

Buying second hand, renting or swapping is a great way to speak up as a consumer and slow down fast fashion as well as save some serious coin! If you are looking for some second hand inspiration or swap / rent platforms we have gathered a few resources below;

  • The Share Shop; is a library of things in Newcastle, NSW, where you can borrow things instead of buying them
  • Cream on Vintage; every item in the store has been lovingly hand picked or custom-made making each piece unique and special
  • SWOP; stores are places for customers to buy, SWOP and sell their preloved clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Yordrobe; where fashion enthusiasts come together to sell, shop, swap & drop
  • Bid Barn Tender Center; is a place where the general public, importers, furniture dealers, second hand dealers, local businesses and Government bodies drop off items to sell on a commission basis using a ‘silent auction’ process
  • ebay
  • Gumtree
  • The Clothing Exchange; you can swap your preloved garments at our professionally hosted events across Australia
  • Raid My Wardrobe; is your place to refresh, recycle and reinvent your wardrobe 

You can always just head down to your local second hand store, with loads in Newcastle including Chichen Street and Beamont Street. 

The ABC program, War on Waste is also another fantastic resource that informs consumers the impact they can have on their environment and their governing bodies.  

If you prefer to get creative then maybe repairing or up-cycling your items is for you. There are a zillion youtube videos, Instagram and Pinterest pages to help you get your creative juices flowing. One of my personal favourites is Goodful.

“We don’t need a handful of peopled doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions doing it imperfectly.”
ZERO WASTE CHEF, Anne-Marie Bonneau

Finally, a video from Greta Thunberg. Greta is sure to fill you with inspiration, hope and a passion to make a change and a difference. 

PS Remember your keep cup 🙂 

Written by Sarah Jenkinson

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