The mind genuinely boggles at the thought of how much data exists on each and everyone of us, and how much this data is growing. The explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) (see for example this report and  the more recent Mckinsey report on Big Data (‘the next frontier for innovation‘)) really highlights the intricate links of modern life now digitally visible. Our behaviors habitually push more and more toward creating more digital sign posts, with designers and engineers constantly seeking to optimize the integration and ease of use of new technologies.

The points made by Daniel Suarez ( around the kill decision than, make the skin go cold. The potential for machines to calculate more deeper and complex relations quicker than the human mind can understand makes me think that sooner or later, machines will begin to takeover in combat situations to gain initiative. Our social relations are laid bare, the strength and importance of these networks  is obvious, creating turmoil, confusion and terror therefore can be achieve with a significantly greater deal of sophistication than ever before.