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Karen Miller Russell (Associate Professor in Public Relations and Jim Kennedy New Media Professor at Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication, Athens, Georgia, USA) runs a fabulous blog called Teaching PR (

She has been running this for years and each week provides public relations scholars, students and practitioners with links to excellent content in our field. I highly recommend that you subscribe to her blog if you wish to stay abreast of what’s happening in PR and strategic communication.

Karen’s links have been invaluable in my teaching and research over the years. For example, this week she has shared the following:

Karen russell

Karen Miller Russell

The Week’s Best, 23 February 2015

Big data is also an challenge for public relations and this TED talk video “What Do We Do with All this Big Data?” by Susan Etlinger is excellent, thanks Karen for sharing this an for all the sharing over many years.Karen also recently posted the slides to her lecture on Google Analytics.

You can follow Karen Russell on Twitter:


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