Hi there, I’m Kellie Cathcart the online counsellor at the University of Newcastle. I Started this website as a blog and a place to share information with the students of UoN about their health and wellbeing and issues that arise during there time as a student. I will be making a post each week about some of these issues as well as reviewing new online resources and smart phone applications that might be useful. I’ll also be filling the site with resources that students might find useful around their health, mental health and wellbeing as well as some tips for academic success. In addition to offering these resources and this page I am also available to contact online either via email, skype chat, or blackboard instant messenger. I will post a guide for how to use each of these avenues shortly but for now some of the details are found in the contact us page of this site. This is a new adventure for the counselling staff and I am looking forward to seeing how it goes and would really love your input as students about what kind of information, resources and issues you want to read about and look into together so feel free to send a comment through or e-mail me with your feedback. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.

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The material or views expressed on this Blog are those of the author and do not represent those of the University.  Please report any offensive or improper use of this Blog to RPS@newcastle.edu.au.
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