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Great teacher resized_1What a way to start O Week for those students returning to study after a break. On Saturday, yes that’s right Saturday a few of the staff and new students of UoN got together in the Great Hall for a welcome back to study program. Kicking off the day with Academic Registrar Gail Whites welcome address the students then had an opportunity to explore their concerns about returning to study and their resources and supports available to help with faculty facilitators and mentors. There were a number of mentors from across all the faculties who had volunteered their time to share their experiences with the new students.

mentor tips_resizedStaff were on hand as well to share their knowledge and provide students with information about support and resources on campus. Just in case you didn’t get an opportunity to get there or missed some of Dianne Kirby’s presentation on expectations here is the link to the video she shared about first time experiences from previous students. This link had such valuable tips for new students as did the mentors on the day. Who better to talk with students about tips and experiences than previous students themselves.

During the breaks in the program we were lucky enough to have some of the student’s share their dreams with us and those are the photos you can see in this post of students with the whiteboards. I missed one student photo on the day for a young man I met who had great dreams of finishing his degree in IT and heading off to Japan for work – I don’t doubt for a minute that he will reach that dream. There were so many different dreams on the day, teacher, architect and electrical engineer to name a few. I don’t doubt that you will all achieve these dreams and you are off to a great start for choosing UoN to help you on this journey.

The afternoon finished off with a series of workshops on Essay writing, getting re-acquainted with numbers, planning for success and stress management. Don’t worry if you missed out on any because there services are available to students all year around on campus if you contact Learning and Development or Counselling. Don’t forget that you can also ask for additional help from the other services that were there on the day like the library, careers, NUSA (don’t forget those yummy fruit boxes they have at great prices) and chaplaincy.

So thank you to the students, mentors and staff for kicking off O-week in a great way.

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