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Are you looking for some strategies you can try yourself to manage your anxiety and stress? Or maybe you are looking for some tips to share with someone else who is under pressure right now? Or maybe you want to add to some work you are already doing with a health professional. Either way you might find the Home Toolkit that the Anxiety BC website offers.

Anxiety BC is a website set up by consumers, parents and health professionals to make information about anxiety and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) skills available to members of the public. There are a number of different resources available in multiple formats on the site. There are video’s on the use of CBT for anxiety and the experiences of people with anxiety you can view. All the information is available in different formats including a more interactive and visual way to digest the information in the Youth and Young Adults section.

One of the resources available on this site is the Home Toolkit. On this page there are links to more information on each of the CBT skills and a PDF document with worksheets available for you so you can work on the strategies yourself. There are examples of the worksheets available and the explanations are easy to understand. The website also tries to provide a rationale for the use of CBT to manage anxiety and makes references to research in the area and the support it has in being an evidenced based approach.

Whilst the resources are good they are not for everyone. They don’t take the place of a health professional and whilst they are a good introduction some of the skills can be difficult to master and getting assistance from a trained professional can help make good use of them. The Home Toolkit whilst useful shouldn’t be used alone to manage ongoing anxiety. Make sure you are reviewing your anxiety over time and if the tool kit isn’t helping then seek some additional support.

What’s good about it: The resources are easily understood and available for free. The page offers an alternative approach to skill building outside traditional therapy.

What’s not so good: Finding some of the information in the youth an young adult section is difficult and you can get lost in a series of sub menu options.

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