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As it’s sex week at Callaghan campus this week I’ve been talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships. Whilst the focus has primarily been on romantic relationships I thought I would take some time away from this and talk about other types of relationships, like those with family members. Specifically I’m talking about domestic violence and abuse within the family. Domestic Violence is common in Australia with 1 in 4 teenagers having seen an incident of physical violence by one parents towards another, 12% of girls 15 years and under experiencing sexual assault and between 4.5-10% of children under 15 years of age experiencing physical violence at home. Whilst there are a great number of online resources available for helping young people identify the signs and symptoms of abuse and how they can access resources to help www.burstingthebubble.com is a great resource for teenagers and young adults seeking help.

It breaks down the information into separate sections making it easier to find the information you want to know, like what legal advice is available or what steps to take. There are questionnaires and checklists to help identify the signs as well as information about the different types of abuse. There are text accounts of real stories of abuse as well as information on why is happens and how to deal with it’s affects and the feelings you have as a result of the abuse.

The two sections I like the most are the steps to take to get help and the safety action plan. The overall message on both of these is to not give up if your first plan of action and person you turn to for help doesn’t work out the way you hoped. These two items are found right near the FAQ’s of how to tell someone and handy information on services available if you are leaving home and what the law may be able to help you with.

What’s good about it: The information is broken down into separate sub menu’s and there are a few checklists, quizzes and FAQ items for those who want to access the main point’s quickly.

What’s not so good: There are no video clips or links to information in non text format. It’s a shame because they do have some good true stories to share, but I feel that the younger demographic might find video’s and visual images more accessible than reading the text.

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