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Welcome back to semester 1 of 2015! I’m not sure about you but when I woke this morning and looked outside I felt a need to stay wrapped up in bed, pick up a book and stay in for the day. After a quick pros and cons of going to work or staying in bed I realised that I had better get a move on and get to campus early to ensure I got a park! First day back coupled with rain means the challenge of parking is like tackling Bowser from my Mario Party gaming days. So here I am at work, still drying out from the walk from the car and then across campus and back again, listening to the rain hit my window whilst writing this post. It’s not the warmth of pillows and blankets but I have to say I am finding the rain quite calming.

Anyway enough  commentary on the weather! I just wanted to let you all know that the online Skype drop-in sessions are happening again from this week. So if you have a question for a counsellor, whats some study tips, or need some advice about something then add the online counsellor on your Skype account “UoNonlinecounsellor”. I will be available on Tuesday night between 7-8pm, Thursday between 2:30-3:30pm and again 8-9pm and Friday morning between 9-10am. You don’t have to book an appointment you just need request to add me and then use the chat function to make contact. I hope to see you online tomorrow night!


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