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So you may have noticed from my last post that I like to make lists. I used to keep post-it notes or a list in a small exercise book, but to be honest there appears to be a shortage of paper and pens around my house and office lately (Most probably a result of a Paper Plane folding fascination of my six year old).  So now I usually keep my lists on my iPhone, using the notes application that comes with it. I have tried another app called Reminders as well but for some reason I gave it up and returned to the notes app. This week I thought I’d trial a new app called Finish. I found Finish when I typed in procrastination into the search function of the app store – it was the first free result that came up and i thought why not.

It like all other list make apps lets you lists tasks that you have. It lets you set a due date and then puts them into a time-frame for you within the list. Instead of setting a reminder alert (which annoys me) it asks you for permission just once when you first start using the app to send you push notifications to remind you of your tasks on there due date. It also allows you to set a repeat for the task which is handy if you have a weekly quiz or gym class you want to attend. Another handy feature is the ability to e-mail or share the list with yourself or other people. You can also share your tasks on social media – which could be a great motivator. No one likes to fail to accomplish a task once they share it with other people. This is one of the reasons I never linked run-keeper to my Facebook and Twitter accounts!

What’s good about it: It’s easy to use and automatically gives you reminders if you allow the push notifications. You can see the more immediate tasks first and focus on these rather than the longer term ones. There is also a quick tutorial of how to use it and avenues to report problems.

What’s not so good: There is a feature where you can earn rewards when you complete tasks on time or early, good idea, but some of the rewards are links to competitions to win holidays and I am dubious of these types of rewards.

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