Is it depression?

Earlier in the week I wrote about identifying the signs and symptoms of depression. There is a difference of course between having a couple of the symptoms and being depressed. Time is an important factor in figuring out if this fits for you. Are these symptoms new or have they been around for a while? There is a 10 question distress scale called the K10 which can help you identify if your behaviour, thoughts and feelings are something of concern. The K10 can be completed online and it is available through BeyondBlue. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and your responses are calculated immediately and you get feedback on your score, the range of severity for symptoms and some suggestions for how to seek help if you need to.

BeyondBlue also have a range of other resources available for you in terms of education about depression and it’s treatment and other mental health issues. They have some useful links to other resources including relaxation exercises and forums so you can connect with other people with similar experiences. Why not head over to the website and check them out?

What’s good about it: It’s quick, easy to use and you get immediate feedback and suggestions for what to do next.

What’s not so good about it: It’s a great snapshot for you but you will need help from a professional to tailor what strategies will help with your specific symptoms.

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