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WellKom is a Wellness app that asks you to answer a few questions on your food, drink, sleep and exercise activities. From there is makes some recommendations for an Action Plan that you can work towards to maximise your well being. It sets the action plan over 15 days and every day it sends you reminders for the actions remaining on your plan. For example this morning I was reminded to start the day with a healthy breakfast and this afternoon I was reminded to get out into the sunshine for 15 minutes. As you fulfill your actions on the plan the wellness level on your avatar increases. The colour of the meter changes as you get closer to your goal. The avatar page also reminds you how many actions you have pending and how many days to go on this current plan.

It’s a pretty simple app really and whilst it inst comprehensive it also isn’t asking you to set ridiculous goals like abstain completely from alcohol. Or stop eating ice-cream and chocolate altogether. What it does do is send you reminders to look after the different aspect of wellness, which lets face it when it’s exam and assessment time these are the first parts of our routine which fall apart.

What”s good about it: It’s simple and quick to use and the reminders are reasonable.

What’s not so good about it: It neglects the non-physical requirements of wellness. A few modifications and the app could include reminders to do short breathing exercises or mindfulness activities, or positive affirmations to challenge any negative self talk.

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