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Rather than download a few of the sleep apps and give you a review of just one app I’ve found a phone app search engine with 25 of the top sleep hygiene apps. Quite a few are paid apps although reasonable costs for most of them. There are a few free ones that look of to me although they are a little more limited in there function. Some of the app’s help you measure the different sleep cycles during your sleep time whereas others look at finding patterns to your sleep and what fosters a good nights sleep and what triggers a restless night. There also appears to be a few with some tips on how to relax yourself into sleep.  I’m keen to hear back from you all in the comments to see what you think works best for you? What apps are the good ones? What ones are complete duds?

If you haven’t already read my post on Sleep Hygiene then you might want to check that out before you try any of the apps so you can see what apps might suit which tip!





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